One of the most popular types of jewellery on the market today is that of rings. But while some people think that rings are really only for women – except when it comes to wedding bands – that simply isn’t true.

As time has gone on, men’s rings have become ever more popular and widely available. Many of the main high street jewellers now carry virtually as many rings for men as they do for women. The styles and form are very different of course, but nonetheless they illustrate that men are looking for stylish and eye catching rings in much the same way as women are.

And as you are about to see, there are more styles of rings around for men than you might think!

Wedding bands and Mens Engagement Rings

Whereas wedding rings for women mean that literally anything goes, wedding rings for men are quite often more understated. A simple plain band is often the most popular choice. If there are any precious stones involved they are usually very small and set into the band so they do not stand out as they would on a woman’s ring.

For many men a plain gold band is still the only real choice. But titanium, white gold and even platinum wedding bands are all becoming more popular as well. Some people are clearly seeking to get something a little different for the 21st century.

The most noticeable thing about a man’s wedding band – and indeed with many men’s rings (mens engagement rings, mens gold rings or even mens silver rings) – is that they will be thicker than most of the rings worn by women. This is mainly to ensure they stand out more on the man’s hand, which tends to be larger than a woman’s. Men’s rings are also usually heavier than women’s ones, which is another method of easily distinguishing between the two. A heavier ring also suits a man’s hand much more than a light and small one.

Dress rings

These are also becoming more popular with men. Dress rings tend to be saved for special occasions, when going out is on the cards. Instead of wearing a ring that is worn every single day, a man may prefer to wear something a bit different.

As such there is a huge range of dress rings that suit all tastes and styles. Some men prefer something more understated, while others like something that is guaranteed to catch the attention.

Anything goes when it comes to deciding what material a dress ring can be made from. If you take a look at the ranges that the top jewellers and high street jewellers provide, you will see that virtually every precious metal you can think of has been put to good use.

Of course gold is still a very popular choice. But you will also find titanium, silver and coloured gold among the choices available. Some dress rings also mix two or more metals together, or more than one different colour. Yellow and white gold can be used to create a puzzle style dress ring for example. Rope designs are also often created by using different coloured types of gold.

You will notice that the idea of dress rings for men is certainly not to be dull! Indeed the surface of the ring is not likely to be flat either. With those rope and puzzle designs, there will usually be a marked difference between the separate colours and parts of the ring.

Do men’s rings have stones?

Diamonds and other precious stones are often thought of as being the preserve of women’s rings. But in fact while there may be a smaller range than that which is available for women, stones are still very much in evidence in the men’s ranges.

The main difference you will see is that the stones tend to be smaller and set into the ring, rather than being held in a collet or setting. In other words, it doesn’t usually stand out as much as those on a woman’s ring.

Fake cubic zirconia stones are also popular in the cheaper ranges of men’s rings. Some men do like to wear rings which go with a particular outfit or style, so it can be a lot cheaper to buy a range of dress rings with fake stones in, rather than having to pay out for the real thing.

Signet rings

Another distinctive type of ring that is popular among men is the signet ring. This actually has its own place in history, although many men are probably not aware of the significance of the design and shape of the ring.

It actually had prominence back in Roman times – Julius Caesar and many other rulers wore signet rings. Each one had a specific design that was unique to them and highly recognisable.

The word signet comes from the Latin word ‘signum’. This is translated into ‘sign’ – and the ring was used to make impressions in wax, literally to sign and seal a letter or message back in those times.

Nowadays of course the designs are mass produced, although it is still possible to have one made as a one off. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the signet ring is generally worn on the little finger.

As you can see, there is a wide range of styles, designs, sizes and metals used for the making of men’s rings. While some men still prefer to wear only a wedding ring if they have been married, others see rings as a way of enhancing their dress sense and style.

It is definitely the case that the range of rings for men is far wider than it used to be. Many clothes shops also now stock a small selection of rings to buy alongside that special outfit. The ring is almost another essential part of the whole look, instead of being something that is added on as an afterthought.

The number of jewellers who have a huge range of rings for men is also testament to the popularity of this jewellery. As you will see, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.