Privacy Policy


  1. Your use of this website and your privacy
  2. Personal information
  3. How we use your information
  4. The use of your data and your security
  5. Children’s privacy rights
  6. Altering your information
  7. Contacting us

Your use of this website and your privacy

We are most conceerned about your privacy and the need to maintain it. We always make sure that if you choose to share your personal data with us, we hold it only under the strictest of conditions. Furthermore we do not share it with anyone else. We encourage you to read our privacy policy in full, in order to understand fully exactly how this process works.

Personal information

You may find that you are asked to enter some personal details when you use parts of this website. This is done in order to access certain sections. On occasions where this happens you will only have to input essential facts, and nothing more. It will not be passed on to any other person or company. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you are asked to enter; these rules will apply in all cases.

How we use your information

Our main priority is to make sure your personal details are kept secure at all times. We always strive to keep any details we hold 100% safe. If we should ask for your first name or email address at any stage, we will only use those pieces of information if you give us permission to do so beforehand. You also have the right to stop receiving emails from us if you have requested to receive them in advance.

The use of your data and your security

We always make sure we do everything we can to make your personal data secure. Software, systems and other methods are all the best they can be, and are checked constantly and thoroughly to make sure they can do the job they are intended for. Your information is constantly protected to make sure hackers and other undesirables influences cannot get at it. We assure you your information is secure when you share it with us.

Children’s privacy rights

We have no intention of aiming any of the content on this site at children. It is not supposed to be used or aimed at this section of society. As such we always ensure that children do not have their information taken or saved, and we never (and will never) ask for such information from them. We only require or request information from adults who use our website.

Altering your information

We know that it may happen that you want to get access to the information you have given us. There may be a need to change it for some reason, for example if you are now using a different email address. If this occurs you can email us at [email address] or alternatively give us a call on [phone number]. If you have log in information in order to access specific parts of our website, these are yours to keep completely secure. Never write them down anywhere if you can, and don’t let anyone else know what they are. This can result in someone else getting access to your private account.

Contacting us

If you want to get in touch with us you are always very welcome to do so. The details are the same no matter whether you have a positive or negative reason for wanting to speak to us. We always strive to solve any complaints or problems that you might have, and you can always call us or send us an email to receive our best attention at all times.