What Ring Size Are You?

One of the most important things to bear in mind before you buy a ring of any kind is to work out what size you are. With a wedding ring it will be obvious which finger you are going to wear it on. But with any other ring you need to think about which hand and finger you will want it for, as all your fingers will likely be of different sizes.

Editors Tip – Ring Size

We have checked and recommend the following site for an accurate ring size guide (under the “Useful Information” menu option).


How are rings sized?

UK ring sizes are worked out according to the alphabet. Each size is given a different letter, with A being the smallest and Z being the largest. Most rings will only be available in a small range of sizes however, so make sure you work out what size you are before deciding on any particular ring. You can then tell whether you can buy that ring you’ve had your eye on.

Each ring size only varies by a number of millimetres. For example, size A is measured at 37.5mm, while size B is measured at 38.75mm. You can work out the rest of the sizes too if you wish, as each one goes up by 1.25mm each time.

How can I work out what size I need?

The easiest way to do it is to use a ring sizer. These are available from all good jewellers and you can also often download a free one to print out from many good internet sites.

The letters from A to Z are all indicated on the sizer. It is a long strip which you then wrap round your finger to see what size you are. Bear in mind that your fingers can swell at certain times of the day, and depending on how hydrated you are.

Don’t opt for a sizing which is too tight either. Remember that the actual ring will not be as soft as a sheet of paper! Conversely if it is too loose it may fall off.

The design of the ring can also have a bearing on what size it is. Sometimes the inside of the ring will be partially convex in shape. This means it stands out slightly proud in the middle as compared to the edges. The ring size can therefore be deceiving, so make sure you don’t take a chance on the ring size – especially if you are having one specially made.

What if my size changes?

It is perfectly possible for your ring size to change over time. If you put on weight it may become larger, and also if you lose it the ring size will be smaller. You can get many rings re-sized though, so it is worth asking when you buy a new ring whether this would be the case for that particular ring.

Ring sizing is quite easy provided you have got a paper sizer to do it with. If you wish to know the size of a ring you currently own, any jeweller will be able to tell you what it is by putting it on their own ring sizer in the store.